There are countless choices in development partners, and more often than not, their consultants have only been consultants.  You may also find an entourage of freshly minted staff.

Our professionals have managed multi-year implementations as well as sat in the administration chair upon completion.  We know what it is like when the consultant leaves the building, which is why we will only deliver proven solutions for your unique business needs.

And when the hand-off occurs, you are going to have a best in class integrated solution with the skills and tools you need to maintain it.


No up-selling here.  We'll help you develop targeted solutions to meet your unique business needs. One size does not fit all, but you don't have to over complicate the solution either.

When considering EPM Technologies, it is very easy to be overwhelmed with all the acronyms and choices.

What do you really need?

Our seasoned professionals can help you through this process to stay laser focused on what technology will keep you on track with your strategic objectives and provide the best return on investment. ​




We'll help you develop reliable solutions, giving you time to focus on analysis not break/fixes.



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SMART Solutions 


We'll help you develop solutions that meet today's business need, but are scalable as your business evolves and grows.




We'll help you automate your processes and monitoring, so you can deploy your resources more effectively.

Leveraging Technology to Empower Decision Makers

Solutions for complex business requirements often involve creative outside-the-box thinking.

We are inspired by our clients' unique technical and functional environments, and we leverage this inspiration to provide best in class applications and functionality.



We'll help you develop and implement solutions that are easily maintained.