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Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, we at EPM Analytic Solutions LLC are dedicated to providing Inspired solutions to your complex business needs, focused in Management Analytics, Process Improvement, and External Reporting and proven to stand the test of time in an ever changing business environment.

We bring seasoned professionals with development, large Implementation, Administration, and Accounting/Finance Functional Experience to the table, so you don't waste time and money on inexperienced teams of consultants, when you really only need one great one.

We strive to help you maximize your ROI on strategic, operational, and financial investments in Performance Management technologies. 


Whether you need a specialized subject matter expert or a solution architect, our Seasoned Professionals deliver innovative, focused, and proven results.  We are strategic thinkers and collaborative developers.

We have extensive experience in large scale development and implementation projects, integrating with ERPs such as SAP and Oracle E-Bus.  We also bring real-world Application Administration experience with very strong Accounting/Finance functional experience.  Our consultants are not just another technical resource that may or may not truly understand the business requirements.  We'll help you formulate them.

We understand our client's Finance, Accounting, and Management needs as well as the needs of their administrators and Information Technology professionals, which allows us to bring "the business" and "IT" together.  This is the critical element to having a successful and sustainable implementation.